CBS Crew: The Bad Boys of Golf?

Ah, the Masters....

We are almost being lulled to sleep with the combination of Jim Nantz, piano muisc and historic pieces. We decided it was time to take a trip down memory lane with CBS' own reporters that, for some reason or another, are not covering this Masters:

CBS Commentator: Ben Wright
Year: 1995
Incident: In what he claims was an off the record interview, Wright was quoted in a newspaper article as saying the LPGA has a hard time getting corporate sponsors because of "blatant lesbianism"
Punishment: Fired by CBS 8 months later
And Den...?: Extremely depressed, Wright turned to drinking and wound up in rehab; now sober, he has just co-written a book named "Good Bounces & Bad Lies"

CBS Commentator: Gary McCord
Year: 1994
Incident: While covering the Masters, said on national TV: "These greens are so fast, I don't think they mow them. I think they bikini wax them."
Punishment: Banned from Augusta
And Den...?: Still with CBS, McCord recently played in the Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am

CBS Commentator: Ken Venturi
Year: 2001
Incident: Arrested for DUI and allegedly saying to the cops, "Don't you know who I am? I know the sheriff, and I'll get this thing fixed."
Punishment: "Retired" in 2002
And Den...?: Frequently requested for golf analysis by newspapers, Venturi has laid low in retirement.


Anonymous said...

Shooter McGavin was my favorite golf analyst.

Anonymous said...

Gary McCord is an awesome analyst in Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf.