Andy Katz Smokes Crack

I almost fainted when I saw Andy Katz's preseason Top 25 for the 2006-07 season:

25. Michigan (23-7)
OK, we've been here before with the Wolverines. They've had injuries, but the talent is in place to be an NCAA Tournament team next season. Michigan should have three senior starters next season in Dion Harris, Courtney Sims and Lester Abram. Ron Coleman is back as a junior and Brent Petway should be a senior role player. Never short on recruiting, Tommy Amaker added small forward Deshawn Sims so the depth shouldn't be an issue.
Maybe this team has enough talent to get in the NCAA Tournament next season, but there is no way we are a Top 25 team. He acts like like our senior starters are proven talents and experienced leaders.

Dion Harris regressed last year, and was in a downward spiral when Michigan needed him most.

Lester Abram has played in 24 games over the last two seasons.

Courtney Sims looked great in the NIT, but the guy is a complete bitch in the paint.

And Brent Petway is going to be a senior role player? Aren't role players the ones that play within themselves and do the little things that help teams win? Not exactly how I would describe "Air Georgia"....

Then Katz goes even further, saying Amaker is "never short on recruiting." Quick recap: Amaker recruited Samuel Dalembert and Eddie Griffin at Seton Hall, which is mind-boggling. And his first class (Horton, Abram, Brown, Hunter) was tremendous considering the conditions.

But take a look at his Top 100 recruits since then:

2003: Dion Harris (#23), Courtney Sims (#39), Brent Petway (#68)
2004: N/A
2005: Kendric Price (#71), Jevohn Shepherd (#97)
2006: Deshawn Sims (#26)

To put that in perspective, this season Ohio State has 4 recruits in the Top 30 (including Greg Oden).

And apparently Katz didn't have the scoop on our top 2007 recruit Alex Legion, who took back his verbal agreement yesterday. While Legion might still attend UM, let's not forget this is how Michigan lost Joe Crawford (Kentucky) and Al Horford (Florida).

Is that it, Katz? Did the penguin tell you to do this?

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