You Know You're Making A Difference When...

I just received this instant message from a friend:

amishthefury: i definitely just printed out may 2005 to read on the shitter
amishthefury: congrats
Well, that made my day. After the string of haters in the last few days, it's good to hear that someone can read our blog and find peace and comfort in the bathroom. Also, Amish's blog is pretty funny - so check that out if you get a chance. And Charles has also been blogging up a storm recently. We stepped up as part of the blog community and told him to stop blogging about causation, correlation, and other boring law school things. Luckily, he's come back to his roots and is now blogging about throwing tapioca on people.

Amish Likes The Realests...And Loves Taco Bell

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Amish said...

Sad part is, I actually went to Taco Bell shortly after IMing you.