Top 5 Biggest Freak Shows in NFL Draft History

With Maryland tight end Vernon Davis skyrocketing into a top 10 draft pick through his pre-draft workouts, we got to thinking about the biggest freak shows in the draft's history. It includes guys that were already 1st. Rounders, and also guys that came out of nowhere like Davis.

Here are the Top 5 we compiled:

5. Matt Jones

Year Drafted: 2005
College: Arkansas
Overall Pick: #21 (Jacksonville)
"Workout Warrior" Creds: 6-foot-6, 240 pounds, 4.37 40-yd dash, 42 inch vertical.
Skinny: It's obviously not impossible to make the switch from College QB to NFL WR, as Antwaan Randle-El and Ronald Curry had already proven. But to gamble a 1st Rd. pick projecting a goofy-looking white QB as a franchise WR? Unheard of.
NFL Result: The jury is still out after a 32 catch season for 5 TDs.

4. Brian Bosworth

Year Drafted: 1987
College: Oklahoma
Overall Pick: Supplemental Draft (Seattle)
"Workout Warrior" Creds: 6-foot-3 & 240 pounds, 4.6 40-yd. dash, 450 lb. benchpress
Skinny: For his time, "The Boz" was more physically impressive than #2 and #3 on this list. But he gained a lot of attention for his self-hype, and scouts should have known better since he was busted in college for steroids.
NFL Result: Mentioned on everyone's list of the biggest draft busts, he played just 3 seasons before retiring due to injuries.

3. Brian Urlacher

Year Drafted: 2000
College: New Mexico
Overall Pick: #9 (Chicago)
"Workout Warrior" Creds: 4.59 40-yd. dash, 258 pounds, lead LBs in broad jump, 60-yd. shuttle & 225-pound bench press.
Skinny: Playing for a bad team in the middle of nowhere, no one heard of this guy until the combine. Like KG, LeBron or Amare Stoudemire, he is the main reason NFL teams are willing to risk it all in the draft.
NFL Result: The man is the league's reigning "Defensive Player of the Year" - 'nuff said.

2. Adam Archuleta

Year Drafted: 2001
College: Arizona St.
Overall Pick: #20 (St. Louis)
"Workout Warrior" Creds: 4.37 40-yd. dash (ran a 4.9 in school), benched 225 lbs. 31 times (record for safeties), squatted 565 lbs.
Skinny: The feature about his workout regime and personal trainer is one of the first memories of ESPN pounding a story into our heads mercilessly.
NFL Result: He hasn't been amazing so far, but he definitely makes wideouts think twice about coming over the middle.

1. Tony Mandarich

Year Drafted: 1989
College: Michigan St.
Overall Pick: #2 (Green Bay)
Skinny: Yes, eating is considered a work out when you do it at this level. Just look at the stats - no one will ever top this guy.
NFL Result: Cut after 3 years with the Packers but to his credit, he later had a decent run with Indianapolis.

Just missing the cut: Akili Smith, Mike Mamula, Jevon Kearse, Chris Hovan

Disagree with our picks? Leave a comment below with your favorite Freak Show...


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