Hooked On HIMYM...

It takes a great show to make us tune in every week. While waiting for 24 to come on yesterday, we made a ground-breaking discovery: "How I Met Your Mother" is the new hotness.

After Niki tried to brainwash us by watching Friends re-runs, we swore we'd never watch a sitcom again.

But HIMYM has changed that.

First of all, it has Doogie Howser and Band Camp Girl on the show. Whoever casted this show should be given a salary at least... 3 times as big.

And unlike all other sitcoms on TV right now, HIMYM doesn't have the "horribly predictable and thoughtless" one-liners.

For example, here is a scence from last night. The main dude (Ted) was spilling out his heart driver to the cab driver, when he said: "I guess cab drivers really are the new bartenders..." The cabbie says "No kidding" and pulls out a flask.

Now that's funny.

The only knock on the show is the ever-popular "really hot chick can't find a dude, and is secretly in love with a doofus" theme. It's kind of absurd. The only logical explanation is that it lets male viewers dream about their "It" chick.

Basically, a show losses credibility for anything that reminds us of Friends. But we'll let it slide... for now.

Our current TV show standings are as follows (notice that for the first time, the Real World is nowhere to be found):

1. 24: The King
2. Entourage: Our dream on screen
3. The Gauntlet/Inferno: We still miss The Miz
4. HIMYM: Burst onto the scene
5. 8th & Ocean: Hanging on by a very thin thread ...

Hot chick



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