"Real World" Headed to Denver, Not Detroit

Is there an MTV-Realests beef?

We have been really hard on the network lately, only because we expect the best. On the very same day we announce the Real World is not in our top 5 shows, the New York Post announces the next season's show will be in Denver, not Detroit.

We take full responsibility for this. We apologize to the city of Detroit for depriving the nightlife of a slut, a psycho chick, two minorities, a gay dude, a meat head and a really nice guy that can't pick up chicks.

Straight from the Post:

"The Real World" is joining the mile-high club - touching down in Denver for its 18th season. The long-running reality show, which follows the antics of a group of young strangers who live together in a luxurious house, is slated to return to MTV with 24 new episodes in late fall.

"Denver has absolutely everything we could hope for," said MTV programming exec Lois Curren. "We're sure that the character and spirit of this picturesque city will be endlessly compelling to the seven roommates and audience alike." The show is expected to begin filming in Denver next month.

Each year, rumors abound about just where producers will set the show. Until yesterday, it was believed that MTV had chosen Detroit for the 18th season."

The best part? The Post is where we learned that the Real World would be in Detroit.

There is no question that their philosophy is "Print first, ask questions last".....

Former Real Worlders MJ and Willie are in complete shock over this decision

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