A Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed

After writing our numerous posts about Moondog, we have decided that we are going to become his official spokesperson.'

Our first duty will be to put Cavalier's first-year head coach Mike Brown on blast. After his team's pathetic loss to the Knicks, Mike Brown made this statement to the press:

''I was disappointed in our effort,'' Cavs coach Mike Brown said. ''I thought that our guys felt that they could show up in this building and win the ballgame whenever they wanted to. We didn't take care of the basketball, we didn't really share the basketball. We weren't aggressive attacking until late in the game and we didn't do a good job defending.

''They beat us from top to bottom, including myself and my whole staff and all the way down to our equipment guy.''
Moondog has two problems with this:

First, there is absolutely no way that the Knicks mascot outplayed, outworked, or beat Moondog. Moondog wasn't at the game, but he was going crazy in his apartment in Cleveland. Also, the Knicks don't have a mascot. Get your facts straight Mike Brown.

Second, Brown will probably say that his stament didn't include Moondog. That is just a slap in the face. Brown said "top to bottom" and if that doesn't include Moondog, then that means that Moondog is below the bottom. That is unacceptable to Moondog. Who do you think is more important to the team - the equipment manager (who can't even get LeBron a set of nail clippers?) or Moondog (who is the reason people come to Cavs games)???

Our demand: Fire Mike Brown.

Oh yeah, great job last night LeBron - good to see you passing up another gamewinning shot.

"Keep this up and I'm skatin' out of town...with LeBron"

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