The Carter Administration

Come on now Hov. Everyone doubted you when you took over Def Jam saying that you were just going to be a figure head. And since you've taken over...well, let's just say that if it wasn't for Kanye going multi-platinum you might be impeached. It's only rational that you've returned to your roots to try and get back the magic touch (here's a much better way to do that - get back in the studio). But your latest move is just pathetic. The signing of Rick Ross might boost up the rap sales on Def Jam, but its sad that you're basically signing Freeway look alikes. What's next- signing a fake Beanie Siegel? Wearing a different Roc-a-wear shirt and signing yourself as Old Hov?

Young Freeway?

Old Freeway?


Joey said...

All good points. Save for getting back in the studio. I'm tired of Jay-Z. And the Black Album was mediocre.

Anonymous said...

Def Jam doesn't care what you think.