President Palmer Strikes Back....

Anyone that's met President Palmer knows he isn't going to take getting shot in the neck lying down (actually, I guess he already did).

Nevertheless, in today's New York Post, Dennis Haysbert clapped back at 24's writers. Here is what he had to say about being killed off:

"I think it's just a problem with storytelling. I think the biggest problem was killing off David Palmer. I never agreed to it.

"It cheated Jack of having a great relationship. There was a bond between the two men that you don't often see on TV. They backed each other to help save the world. They are starting their fifth season and they have killed everyone that started out on the show. Jack has no one to lean on; no one he can trust. It has become The Carnage Hour."

As Jay-Z once said, "Dead Presiden-shall, politics as u-shall - Blahw."

You bastard!

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