Brent Petway Rap Song

As if you didn't already know Brent Petway was extremely dim-witted from being academically ineligible this season and shaving #23 in the back of his head, we have found his infamous rap song on the Internet. Hats off to the Michigan State fan that coordinated the music to Michigan's players making asses of themselves.

If AND when we win the NIT, we will demand a re-mix substituting #1 with #66. We will also demand a L.A. Lakers-style parade through Ann Arbor in which Graham Brown does the Mark Madsen dance. Needless to say, this is going to be a special NIT.

As always, there will be observations posted later tonight about observations from Day 5 of the NCAA Tournament. Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT! Petway certainly does 'represent' u of m. Go Green!!

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