Zubino on 24: Just Like I Said, Tony is Dead

The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

Mother fuckers im back, and I will vent on my tony call at the end.

What the hell is with chloe, I mean at the end of the last episode, she was about to fucking drown the whole situation room. Now shes ok and only shedding one tear. whooptifucking do.

The vice president seems like the Keeler when we first met him, big douche.

Ive wanted to say this for a while, Logan- must have gone on the subway diet, I mean look at his neck, it looks like fat bastards- a gaping vagina.

So I was thinking about Jack in this hoodie, do any of you guys know that video with tupac where its him and like 100 people walking in a street with black clothes on, like black leather jackets and white signs with black lettering, if you do, leave it in a comment, but jack would be perfect for that video.

It was fucking unbelievable that Jack held his breathe that long, how funny would it have been if he had passed out and chloe would have had to go and help him, and she died somehow.

Here’s a point me and Jim agree on, no matter how hot Kim is, she needs to shut the fuck up to her dad. He has saved her life more times than Michigan has been in the N.I.T. tournament.

Adios Lynn. (FUNNY ASS- part when the security guards like- “IM OK! IM OK!! :DIES:”)

Logan offing himself by the end of S5?


I am the fuckin realest. I called Tony’s death. Tony should have smoked Henderson’s ass when he had the chance. This call comes above the “flank 2”.


Next week: Curtis gone? No way, they can’t take off another token, or could they? Could they get shit for this, just like when the Muslims complained about all terrorists being Muslim?

Btw, thanks to fox, we knew jack made it out of the room alive from the Promo, good job asshats.