Freep's Rosenberg on NSU Demons Bandwagon

Great minds think alike, as Rosenberg gives even more reasons why the kids from Natchitoches are ready to ball:

"My super-deluxe upset special this year is Northwestern State over Iowa.

I have several excellent reasons to make this pick. For one, Northwestern State is the most generic and obscure school name in the tournament. For another, it is located in Natchitoches, La., and if Northwestern State wins, somebody might finally explain how to pronounce Natchitoches.

Also, on the Northwestern State athletics Web site, there is a list of "Bragging Points." I love officially sanctioned trash talk. The Web site also features a link to weather, which leads you to weather.com. No, not the weather.com page for Natchitoches. Just the weather.com home page. Apparently, people around the world were looking for a weather forecast and naturally turned to the Northwestern State athletics home page.

Somewhere on that Web site, you probably can find the name of a Northwestern State basketball player, but don't ask me where."

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zima said...

southern illinoise salukis- at dcds practicing right now.