Where Are They Now? That Hampton Coach...

March Madness Edition
For some odd reason, I can't find a picture of the postgame celebration after (15) Hampton defeated (2) Iowa State in the 2001 NCAA Tournament. But surely you remember the moment.

The coach skipping around halfcourt like a kid when a player picks him up from behind, while the coach waves arms and legs wildly. His name is Steve Merfeld. With the Pirates making the news again recently, I was shocked to see that he is no longer the Hampton head coach.

He couldn't have been fired, could he?

Turns out he left the Pirates a year later, heading to Evansville after two straight 25+ win seasons and trips to the NCAA tournament. The guy just finished his fourth season with an overall record of 40-74.

Just something to think about the coaches that are always trying to keep moving their way "up the coaching ladder" (which, by the way, how is Evansville an upgrade again???).

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