The NIT Night Recap

I know I've been very irresponsible with this post. But the Michigan semifinal NIT is the least enjoyable sporting experience I've ever had. And that includes every game of the 2002 Michigan women's basketball team.

I'm going to say this right away: I refuse to blog about the game or team. Instead, this time will spent as usual: shameless self-promotion.

The pre-game party was unbelievable. The fight song was playing, the cheerleaders were there, old alumni were wearing Michigan sweatshirts and everyone pounded beers as quick as they could while the bar was still open. It felt like Pasadena... except, not.

We had a couple gems, but overall we weren't real big jackasses. We never saw Bill Martin or Rudy T. (I'll have to live with that failure for the rest of my life...). The signs were: "Good Job Tommy" (which was shown throughout the game), a joke about Amaker's 5 Virtues, and one that said M.I.T. with a block M. There are actually photos of me running a victory lap in the lower bowl with the sign.

The post-game was special: the birthday of a former sports editor , as well as the Daily's basketball beat. The guys were all incredibly nice and fun to hang out with. There would be nothing worse than finding out Daily sports is full of frat-dicks.

Here are some of the best moments of the night.

We have officially reached "road dog" status

This Russian model (right) was being eyed all-night by our friend Ken Wall. He does nothing to initiate a conversation. Next thing you know, Jack is on the couch with her kickin' it. This could turn out to be a big night for Jack, the first step in moving beyond Ali Go..........

If I was a crappy columnist that found this picture, my lead would be this: "These kids are urinating on old telephone booths while talking on their cell phones. How symbolic..." And then I would punch myself in the face.

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