NCAA Tournament Day 5 Running Blog

I flipped the script on this post - it will now be written with the most recent events first to make it easier on the reader.

1:00 AM: I know I said that was my final comment, but I changed my mind. This Adam Morrison press conference is just painful to watch. I'm waiting for a reporter to ask, "Adam, what was going through your mind as you laid on the floor and cried like a bitch......?"

12:30 AM: Well, you just saw two of the most exciting finishes you will see in college basketball. Nothing really needs to be said except that Texas outrebounded WVU, 42-14. That is fuckin' absurd. Gotta tip your hat to West Virginia for making it a great game despite the boards. I leave you with one final note: Huggins is currently hitting O.J.'s crack pipe in the Deja Vu bathroom while Mayo chills in the VIP. I love college basketball...

11:51 PM: We have a Niki Reams sighting! For those that don't remember her, she played on the Michigan women's hoops team before transferring. She is now a star at Grand Valley State and playing in the Division 2 National Semifinals on ESPNU. You go girl!

11:45 PM: Bob Huggins update: Huggins is completely obliterated at this point. O.J. has to drive because coach is so wasted. Huggins gets the directions wrong a couple times but finally leads the gang to Deja Vu. As soon as they walk in, Huggins orders a lap dance for O.J.

11:42 PM: Food for thought: Texas is #1 in rebounding margin, West Virginia is #325 (out of 326). If WVU pulls this off, Rick Barnes should resign immediately.

10:51 PM: These games are extremely boring, time for a Huggins update. Bob whipped O.J. and his boys in pool, and then decided to roll out. Luckily, a bar was right across the street. Huggins is extremely wasted while O.J. is only sippin' on his 4th beer of the night.

10:11 PM: One of CBS' keys to Gonzaga winning was "Embrace Diversity". I'm confused.

9:48 PM: After narrowly missing a tree on the way over, Huggins pulls into his favorite pool hall. He immediately orders Jager bombs for him, O.J. and O.J.'s boys, who are now tagging along.

9:32 PM: LSU just matched UConn dancing around and singing "Ruff Ryders Anthem" after the 1999 title. Tyrus Thomas screaming "This how we gon' eat!" was classic. By the way, how many times did we hear the words "Big Baby" tonight?

9:17 PM: Huggins just grabbed the check at Damon's. He has already forgotten how many beers he's had. Huggins piles into his car wasted and tells O.J. that they are guaranteed to have a good time tonight ...

9:15 PM: What was with J.J. Redick's Air Jordan impression with 2 minutes left? The kid has lost his mind. Sean Dockery is completely worthless except for knocking that old man on his ass.

8:50 PM: Memphis is rolling over Bradley now, 42-33. The Braves haven't scored in over 7:00 minutes. Duke has taken the lead again despite J.J. playing like crap. Redick definitely hasn't been sweet in the round of 16 during his career:

(Year) Opponent
(2005) Michigan St.: 4-14 FG, 13 PTS, Lost 78-68
(2004) Illinois: 7-13 FG, 17 PTS, Won 72-62
(2003) Kansas: 2-16 FG, 5 PTS, Lost 69-65

8:15 PM: I'm tired of the Adam Morrison-Larry Bird comparisons. It's time for someone to mention the resemblance between George Mason coach Jim Larranaga and Tom Coughlin, and Billy Donovan's resemblance to Eddie Munster....

8:07 PM: Huggins is double-fisting a Bud Light with a Soco & Lime. O.J. just ordered a burger and fries, then asked for a Coors Light.

7:46 PM: These games are brutal to watch so far. Duke has lost in the Sweet 16 in 3 of the last 4 years.....

7:38 PM: Someone just notified me that the new Samuel L. Jackson movie is named "Snakes on a Plane." The premise? Snakes are unleashed on a plane. I guarantee Fratboy Missionaries is a better movie.

7:32 PM: Bob Huggins just sat down at Damon's with O.J. Mayo and placed an order of wings for the games (updates throughout the night).

7:14 PM: Did anyone notice how Duke had a point before they even scored? Like they just earned a point for being Duke. And that's on top of Jay Bilas calling the game. I feel sick already.

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