Finally: Pics of Us At MSG

The much anticipated photos of us at MSG during the NIT Semifinals have finally arrived. The pictures are of us at the pre-party, displaying the "Good Job Tommy" sign, and me running a victory lap with the "M.I.T" sign that has a block M. Enjoy...

The Realests at the pre-game party enjoying "NFL Blitz" and our free mootows (a.k.a. beers).

Notice my facial expression that is from the "double-cross bozack" move we have almost perfected. There will soon be an entire post detailing instructions on our newest creation. The only thing I can compare this move to is Magnum - I shouldn't even be talking about it.

Doing a victory lap with the "M.I.T" sign. Sorry it turned about blurry, I forgot to tell you I run a 4.19 40.

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