I'm BIG Dangerous You're Just A Little Vicious

The Big Ten must be pretty steamed about their performance in the NCAA tournament. After having all their teams bounced out of the tournament relatively early, the Big Ten Conference has decided to take on a remarkably easier foe: Big Ten Burrito.

Our loyal Ann Arbor readers definitely know about Big Ten Burrito, but for the rest of you, just know that Big Ten is your average burrito place (think: Chipotle or Qdoba). Now, Jim and I have an undying allegiance to Panchero's so we're very happy to see this happen. We had hatched various plans to take down Big Ten when we were seniors in Ann Arbor, but we held back because we had faith that the quality of Panchero's would quickly squash the competition.

Well, maybe Panchero's was having a tougher time than we thought. There's plenty of conspiracies flying around but we believe that Panchero's might have made a call to someone on the Big Ten Management Committee asking them to step in as an enforcer. Regardless, karma is a bitch - and Big Ten Burrito will soon rue the day that it stepped in and tried to drive Panchero's out of business.

If we were back in Ann Arbor, I might be tempted to run into Panchero's during peak rush hours and scream out "Cinco De Mayo!! Burritos para todos!!" Ah, college....

Apparently the Big Ten Commissioner hates Mexican food

P.S. If you either A) send us a picture of you in front of Panchero's or B) send us a burrito from Panchero's - we'll let you write a restaurant review of the place for us.

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