Get Tough

You all know that we are ardent Pistons fans. As a result, we have an almost irrational hatred towards anything standing in their way. The usual culprits on that list include the Nets, Heat, and Pacers. Now, it would take a miracle for us to ever compliment the Nets for doing anything (we aren't convinced that they beat the Suns by 38 last night...it didn't happen). But the Heat and Pacers played last night and Jermaine O'Neal dropped the double-cross bozack. We love when two of our main competitors have to beat each other up and we love it even more when there's real bad blood between them. Well, last night didn't disappoint. After getting Udonis Haslem kicked out of the game, Jermaine O'Neal dropped this gem on us:

"I don't know when he became tough, but all of a sudden, he became tough. It's in his best interest to concentrate on getting a rebound and be quiet."
If you couple this quote with his immortal slide punch during the Palace Brawl, Jermaine O'Neal is flying up the ranks of Real basketball players. But it's no big surprise because, after all, he did learn from the best for a few years in Portland.

That's Right Udonis -- Face Down, Ass Up...

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Natalie said...

I love his post game locker room quote "I am pretty easy to find," pretty much calling udonis out!