M Is For Mediocre

In the battle of recent NIT champions, Michigan got served up by South Carolina. We have nothing positive to say about the game. We also would have had nothing positive to say even if Big Blue had pulled out the win.

We did feel bad for Daniel Horton as he walked off the court - then we remembered that he choked his girlfriend. We don't feel bad anymore.

Oh yeah, Brent Petway is an idiot for airballing an alley-oop.

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scott bell said...

Our vote for un-realest of the week: Jim Weber

Snubbing us for lunch on Wednesday and drunken debauchery on Thursday night is not exactly what we'd expect from someone so decorated in realety.

But in all honesty, thanks for the awesome time Tuesday, we all appreciate it for sure. Our door is always open for you if you're ready to make a Jim Weber reunion.

---the hoops beat

Also, real quote of the night:

"I would beat off on Courtney Sims' face"
-drunk Michigan alum we met on the PATH train to New Jersey tonight.