In Memorium: Edgar Stiles

I'm sorry for not blogging yet today.

As you already know, we are all a bit shaken up from Edgar's untimely death. Please observe a moment of silence for the fat, lovable bastard. I can't remember the last time my heart dropped like it did when his fat ass came running into the CTU main room in slow motion. The death requires a day of silence on the blog. Please don't forget to watch the premiere of 8th & Ocean tonight.

Feel free to share your memories of Edgar in the comments box below.

Thanks everyone for your support.

- Real

Edgar Stiles
????-March 6, 2006

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zima said...

edgar, was a good guy, his skills came out when he helped defuse the 19 nuclear bombs last season. he will greatly be missed. I think all of us are in awe/shock/depression right now...