NCAA Tournament Day 3 Observations

Someone here just realized that we are officially being brainwashed. For 3 hours tomorrow the CBS mini-scoreboard will read:


And yes, Bradley will definitely be on top because that is where CBS always puts the lower seed.

I should charge you people for this shit...

Also - our new favorite player in college basketball (on our new favorite team) is Clifton Lee. He said in a pre-game press conference that his 'fro was a tribute to Ben Wallace - although that is highly unlikely since it's hard to grow out an afro in a week. No matter. We discovered their similarities go much deeper than the hair.

Clifton Lee

Nickname: "Big Smooth"
Height: 6-7
Position: Forward
Birthdate: Sept. 14, 1983
Hometown: Boyce, LA
College No.: 30
School: Northwestern State ('06)
Palace Memory: Remembering to play defense while teammates lost their minds

Ben Wallace

Nickname: "Big Ben"
Height: 6-9
Position: Center
Birthdate: Sept. 10, 1974
Hometown: White Hall, AL
College No.: 32
School: Virginia Union ('96)
Palace Memory: Shoving Ron Artest in the face

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