Zubino on 24: Tony About To Bite Dust

The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

Aaron Pierce should have been fucking ash by now. I’m pissed the 24 writers didn’t own his ass when they had the chance. It’s good to see Tony back cause he’s always a good guy. Martha needs to stop being such a cooter. So what if your husband had to sacrifice your life. Stop fucking whinin’.

We ALL knew what the CTU key card was gonna be used for:

A. Coke (Peso dealt???)
B. Getting into CTU (it entering the wrong hands, and releasing gas… Who didn’t see that)

Side note here- ever since Palmer has been gone, has anyone ever felt like Curtis is the tolken of the show, hehehe. But I don’t think he fills the role like Palmer did. Curtis doesn’t have that rugged deep voice. He also doesn’t have that mean stare.

How many times have we seen move his head after hearing shaking news, and looking around with the “what” look on his face…

Tony’s reaction to Michelle’s death touched me.

How much does it bother you about Lynn’s lips are FUCKED up. I mean look at them.

Jack has Asian eyes when he looks into the sun hahaha.

I like how Jack has the ear piece in so hes in constant communication with CTU. No more of that bitchy lady going “how may I help you”

Who thinks the Russian terrorists some what look Muslim and have an middle east accent? Or am I just going nuts.

Jack shooting Henderson’s wife was real. But Henderson still not giving up was realer. Props to the writers.

At the end of the first episode, we pretty much knew CTU was Joe Budden-ed (ala Jay)

Kim really needs to stop being such a douche to Jack. I’m glad kicked her ass to the curb with stumpy. Jack shouldn’t take her shit and should set her straight. And when Kim told Chloe to not make excuses for not telling her about Jack being alive, that was REDICULOUS. She’s a bitch now.

Back onto the note of Tony, we think he will own Henderson, but lets not get to carried away, the writers always mcflip it onto us.

When we saw Martha smoking, I was thinking Pierce should know 1 thing. “Kissing a smoker is like living with Woodly. Straight up fucking Nasty.”

Don’t you just love how all the times in the show (bombs going off, arrivals) end up being at the mid-hour, or at the end? How convenient.

And for the last part of the show, all I have to say is this….

Edgar… :’-(

Saddest ending ever.

But now onto next week: Who do you think is gonna make the ultimate sacrifice and leave the room? My bet will be tony, he has nothing to live for. I mean he does have cubby, but the cup
has runneth over for him.

Logan looks like Woodly btw.

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