Coming Soon: NIT Itinerary

I wasn't kidding when I said get your ass to New York for the NIT. That includes you: natives of New York City ("The Dude"), Michigan alums looking to party (J. Brady), current and former Michigan Daily staffers.

An E-vite will be sent out shortly as The Realests are opening up their door to anyone who wants to mock Michigan's way to its second NIT title in three years. We are in negotiation with Rattner about holding the "Rattner Invitational" over the same weekend.

Other activities include but are not limited to:
* Partying at "Off the Wagon" (a.k.a. Scorekeepers of New York)
* Terrorizing Woodley
* Meals at Waverly Diner (and the "Joe's-Waverly Challenge" if anyone has the balls)
* Bowling
* Reciting our favorite Jay-Z quotes
* Updates on the progress of "Frat boy Missionaries"
* Talking Michigan sports

And most importantly:
* Pretending like we're back in Ann Arbor

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Anonymous said...

This is legally binding. I grant full and complete rights to the name "Rattner Invitational." The Rattner Invitational will hereby be known as the RI and will be administered by The Realests. All rules and regulations will be subject to approval by The Realests. The rights to the name The RI is contingent upon fulfillment of contractual obligations including but not limited to submission of 14% of pre-tax revenue from the RI and inclusion of 2 Russian prostitutes. James Webber will also be responsible for spanking himself until his ass turns red.