Where Are They Now? Harold Arceneaux

March Madness Edition
Harold "The Show" Arceneaux. One of those names we will never forever. First Round of the 1999 NCAA Tournament: Arcenaux single-handedly took down mighty North Carolina, 76-74, with a 36-point performance on 14-of-26 shooting.

So many questions went through our minds that game: Where is Weber State? Who is this guy? How does a black guy with a Cajun name end up at Weber State?

People were talking about how The Show could end up in the NBA, but the consumate teammate and student, Harold stayed in school. He went undrafted the next year, and according to UShoop.com (which is a great site by the way for tracking old college basketball stars overseas), he is now playing in Venezuala. Take a look:

Harold in 1999

Happy-go-lucky Harold couldn't stop smiling after smoking the Tar Heels...

Harold in 2005

Beaten down with shattered NBA dreams, Harold's body is sold like a whore's....


Anonymous said...

He's in Arabi Sporting Club in Kuwait

Derrick Coble Ph.D said...

Whoever wrote this column and put that caption below that picture sounds like a hater. He single handedly put Carolina (Vince Carter, Antwaun Jamison, and Ed Cota) out of the Tournament. I was rooting for him and I'm a Tar Heels Fan from Greensboro, N.C. "That how good this guy played".

Derrick Coble Ph.D