Final NCAA Tournament Day One Observations

Just two more observations from the late games:

Steve Fisher is a horrible basketball coach. As a Michigan fan, I know I am biased. But with just a couple ticks left, San Diego St. has to go the length of the floor down 2. Steve kneels in the huddle and barks out instructions like he is going to run the Annexation of Puerto Rico. What does SDSU do? The inbounder throws the ball out of bounds out of the OPPOSITE end of the court (very Graham Brown-esque, and against Indiana no less).

I'm very worried about Duke. I picked them to win it all - obviously I had no idea how shitty everyone else is besides J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams. J.J. and S.W. just accounted for 58 of the Blue Devils' 70 points - that's 83%. Greg Paulus is a complete disaster with the ball (7 TO) and Melchionni is an embarassment. Can't you just picture these guys in a huddle while losing: "Come on guys, we're fucking Duke!!!!"

Greg Paulus: Huge Nerd

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