Realests' Take On Candace Parker Dunk

Don't get it twisted: we are not misogynists. I would say I enjoy watching women's hoops more than almost any reader of this blog.

But "the first dunk in a women's NCAA Tournament game" is just another example of why we hate ESPN. Let's face it: seeing the replay of those dunks is about as sweet as watching old people have sex.

Immediately afterward we are subjected to columns about what this dunk "symbolizes" (actually not that bad a column, but still classic ESPN). We guarantee this will spark debate today about whether the women's game is about to explode in popularity on First and 10, Jim Rome, PTI, Around the Horn, PTI on Sportscenter, Sportscenter and Outside the Lines. The answer is no.

Like they say in the Geico commercial, "This is NOT awesome!"

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Steiny17 said...

Amazing reference to the Tiny House commercial. I loved it. For the like the first two months it was on, it fooled me every time and i thought it was a real tv show for a minute. I wish they still ran that ad.