Putting Michigan Sports in Perspective

I don't think it has been stressed enough how much our teams suck at sports. It would be nonsense to compare ourselves to our neighbors, Ohio State. So why don't we compare ourselves to their neighbors, fellow powerhouse West Virginia.

Let's take a look at how Michigan stacks up during the 2005-06 school year. Now, I'm not a recruiting guru - but I don't think many of the best athletes in the country are from that state (although think of the domination they could have after in-breeding over and over again with one good player like Pittsnogle....)

Football: 7-5 (Lost, Alamo Bowl)
Basketball: 18-9, 8-8
Women's Basketball: 6-23, 0-16 (Lost, Big Ten Tournament 1st Rd.)

West Virginia
Football: 11-1 (Won, Sugar Bowl)
Basketball: 20-9, 11-5
Women's Basketball: 15-15, 4-12 (Currently in Big East Tournament Finals)

OK, maybe the women's basketball team is partially my fault. But this screen isn't even mentioning West Virginia's Elite Eight appearance last year, or the fact that Michigan hockey could miss the NCAA Tournament for the first time in anyone's memory.

Personally I think we should fire Lloyd, Tommy and Cheryl at a joint press conference and hire Rich Rodriguez, John Beilein and Mike Carey at another joint press conference a day later.

Now there's some food for thought.

This is how the school CHOOSES to represent itself... and notice that the dead animal's face is still on the guy's damn hat.....

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