Realests of the Week

Was there any doubt about this one? Three 6 Mafia, hands down. From walking to the wrong microphone, giving a shout out in their acceptance speech and swearing on national television, you can just imagine the old white guys in the audience whispering to each other, "Who let these negroes on stage?" We are just waiting to find a column today writing about how the Academy is racist for not using their "real" names: Juicy J, DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, and Crunchy Black. Hats off to Jon Stewart for mentioning that they now have more Oscars than Martin Scorsese. Also a tip of the cap to the female lead-singer nailing that final "PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMP".

Too bad the PA announcer didn't mention previous songs such as "Chickenheads" ...

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