T.O. Copies Juelz Santana

You already know that T.O. has put a horrible new rap on his web site about joining the Dallas Cowboys.

What you didn't know is that it's not even original. It sounds almost exactly like Juelz Santana's song "S.A.N.T.A.N.A." off "Diplomatic Immunity 2." I'm sure 95% of our readers already have this album but if not, just listen to the T.O. rap while reading the transcript of Juelz's song from OHHLA.com:

{*high pitched laugh*}
[Juelz] I'm backkkkkkkkk
[Ja'quaye - voice altered high] Juelzzz SANTANA
[Juelz] I'm backkkkkkkkk
[Ja'quaye - voice altered high] Juelzzz SANTANA

[Ja'quaye] Y'all got a problem, his name is San-ta-na (Santana)
[Santana] I'm backkkkkkkkk, uh-ohhhhh!
[Ja'quaye] You don't wanna play around, we'll squeeze them ham-mers
[Ja'quaye] Santana, Santana - Santana Santana Santana Santana

As 311 would say, "You've got to come original, you've got to come original - all entertainers, come original."

Or, also as 311 says, "If you don't come original, you will get shot."

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