Zubino on 24

The Great Zubino
Realests Correspondent

Zubino’s back again to recap America’s best TV show.

And by special request, I am cutting down the swearing. Apparently, I’m a sailor trapped in a 15 year olds body.

But now let’s get into this week’s show:

So what’s the deal, this is a real time show and when the start it Tony is being covered and coroners are taking pictures of him. In the last seconds of last episode he was in Jack’s arms as he died. Way to be real producers.

The announcement by the President was wack. He has to stop being a pushover and needs to grow balls. (Also, why wasn’t his speech broadcast on Fox News?!? They usually never miss a chance to cross promote that propagandist right wing network. )

Chloe should have kicked the Homeland guy’s ass when he asked for the card.

Has anyone here ever noticed that Mike Novick’s lips don’t move at all? I’ll make a video imitating him.

Wayne for sure has info that connects David Palmer to either Logan or the V.P.

Colet Stanger = New Mandy? She definitely is as good looking.

Any ideas on where the gas will be released?

Jack’s voice is soooooooo soothing. It’s ridiculous.

This has to be the first time ever that the bad guys didn’t turn on each other and shoot the other one in the back. I definitely expected the girl to be owned.

When Jack told the new CTU girl “that’s not a threat, it’s a fact” I was wondering, should Jack deserve to be called “Just the Facts” and steal Jay’s name?

The new music in the end was awesome, definitely a change and nice change that too.

Which terrorist doesn’t want immunity?!?!!?!?!

Audrey?!??!?!?! Could she actually sell out her country like that?! Here are some scenarios:

Maybe it was her who sold out CTU - 5% chance happening

Maybe her father is upset about his time in office and wants revenge - 5 % chance happening

She was framed by… Chloe?!?!?!... Just kidding - .5% chance happening

Something totally different – 89.5% chance of happening

Did Audrey do it?
Yes, shes behind it the whole time.
No, she would never sell out her country
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As for next week’s preview – I need to steal a quote from the Chappelle Show:

“Is Jack Bauer gonna have to choke a bitch?!??!!”

- Z.

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