A Double Epiphany

I have never been so uninspired watching college sports in my life. First, I witnessed the Michigan hockey team get smoked by North Dakota, 5-1. For those that didn't witness it, the slap dicks fell behind in the first five minutes, 1-0, and never challenged. Red summed it all up in the postgame quotes on MGoBlue: "the puck just wasn't going in."

If J. Brady were blogging right now, his head would explode.

Then I flip over to watch Connecticut pull their L.A. Lakers-routine. After falling behind, UConn hits a miracle 3-pointer and Marcus Williams steals the ball in OT like it was a laptop. The NCAA should be embarassed if UConn wins the title. It will be the second consecutive year a team wins the national title that plays 20 minutes of basketball.

Epiphany #1: If you recall, the 1985 Georgetown-Villanova title game was the last one without a shot clock. The NCAA realized if other teams repeated Villanova's performance, the game would be destroyed.

The same can be said about this year's UConn team. Therefore I propose another drastic measure in the form of some major rule changes. First, if you trail in the second half to the No. 16, you automatically lose. Also, no No. 1 seed is allowed more than two 2nd-half double-digit comebacks.

Tell me that isn't fair.

Myles, we can't take you seriously when you play dress-up.....

Epiphany #2: This seems to be what college sports has become: don't work harder, just find more talented players. Michigan tries less than anyone, and can therefore no longer be satisfied with top-notch recruiting classes.

We must go to a new extreme: Ban white players from our teams. And yes, that includes hockey. Obviously, basketball would not improve next year. But, after we won national titles in every other sport, Amaker would finally be fully exposed as a fraud.

I hope to see that press release on MGoBlue.com before the school year ends....

It's 2006 people - time to let minorities in Yost....

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