What Have You Done Now, Isiah?

Some new comedy has been injected into everyone's favorite punchline and punching bag, Isiah Thomas. From the New York Post:

"(Anucha) Sanders claims she was subjected to a campaign of denigration by Thomas, who allegedly called her a "black bitch" and a "ho" and made it difficult for her to work by denying her access to players."

PLEASE tell us there is a video about to be released onto the internet of Thomas saying "ho" in his creepy, soft voice. Or at least a tape with a Wu-Tang like exchange:

Woman: "Who you callin' a bitch?!"
Thomas: "You - bitch."

Another excerpt:

"Her "inability to accept the changes that occurred under Thomas' leadership fueled her antipathy," the filing states."

I love the idea of Zeke's legal team gathering around and devising a plan to use destroying the Knicks as their defense. Again, we can only hope this will lead to more comedy, such as Jalen Rose, Stephon Marbury or Jerome James taking the stand and talking about how this woman hated them for no reason.

By the way, someone tell Isiah to stop hanging out in the tunnel. Seriously, doesn't it just look like he is already planning his get away from another night of disastrous basketball?

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