Preview: 8th & Ocean

Another show has just been added to our list of must-see TV (24, The Gauntlet 2, Real World, Web Junk 20): 8th & Ocean (Tuesday at 10:30 PM). We told you before last season that Laguna Beach was going to blow up. It did.

And this is a sure bet to follow in the success (while the other Laguna spin offs flounder). In just a couple weeks, this show will be the one to watch on Tuesday night instead of the Real World (note to RW producers: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a hot chick (and no, Svetlana is not hot). Real World: San Diego was crap, but we watched because of Cameron). Watching someone like Paula self destruct is entertaining, but only for so long. And certainly not when it just turns into bitching and moaning.

8th & Ocean has two VERY hot girls (Britt and Kelly) and a bunch of douche bag guys. I'm not sure anyone can top Stephen's "Am I supposed to be happy to see you?...." but the potential is there. And there appears to be a lot of hooking up, something that has seriously been missing from the Real World for some time.

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