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First off, I’ve heard rumors circulating around the ‘net that my blog skills are slipping. Well if you don’t like it, don’t read it - Haters no like.

Let’s get into the basics:

I have to say that Bauer looks really rugged now, like it actually looks as if he’s getting tired and losing steam. That’s a good sign because the more tired he looks, the more bezerk he is going to go on fools.

I have to say that Audrey has lost some fan support over the past 2 seasons. I mean she was a fan favorite at the beginning when she was her and Jack were down, but after putting Jack through the whole “You killed Paul! You bastard!” phase, her popularity dropped. I would have loved to see Jack rip her to shreds in this episode - It would have been amazing. But it looks like he’s lost a step…maybe Kim’s little speech last episode affected him.

Here’s a play by play of the interrogation:

Round 1 - Jack wins because he destroys Audrey with the threat of bringing Burke into the situation.

Women: My Only Weakness

Round 2 - Audrey wins because she says she is an easy target due to her relationship with her father.

The 24 Writers HATE Women...

Round 3 - Jack proves Audrey's innocence (maybe) and gets to make out with her.

Please Don't Be Like Nina Meyers

Jack being taken out by Burke was actually cool. Showed the Bauer isn't omnipotent at CTU.

The new leader of CTU, the Homeland Security woman, is driving everyone crazy and you’ll see later on how I think the writers will deal with this.

Aaron Pierce, even though I have said that he should have been merked in the attack on the Russian president, is starting to become an American Hero.

It was finally impressive to finally see Chloe take a stand for something she believes in, and not be pushed around like the character we’ve seen from Season 3. She definitely should have started doing the “whoop dat trick” dance on him when he walked away.

I love the variations on Jack’s lines. The writer’s are getting pretty lazy. “TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!”, “WHAT IS THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE?”, and the new one… “WHAT IS THE TARGET?”

I’m not a big fan of the new girl, Sarah, accusing Buchanan of sexual harassment. She needs to check herself and know the facts first.

Don’t you guys just love how Wayne and Aaron got their hands on the guns from the movie Eraser?

Jack Bauer can’t die, at least not in this type of situation. First off, when he pulled the terrorist into the car at the end of the episode, he pulled him backwards, meaning the terrorist was on top of him. So, all that debris that crashed through the windshield might have killed Bierko and Jack may have just passed out from the heat or had minor burns.

Preview of next week’s show:

My thoughts on Jack are right above, so check those out. When I saw Wayne questioning the Asian girl, I thought to myself, “Could the Chinese try and get revenge on Jack Bauer?” but that’s highly unlikely. Another thing I was pondering - could Mike Novick be working with the terrorists? It’s highly unlikely, but it’s a possibility. Also, since we are about 15-16 episodes into the season, and the nerve gas is out of the way, I assume that whatever information Henderson didn’t tell Jack in the earlier episodes is about to take center stage.

That’s all for now. I’ve given you my two cents. Now give me yours. Leave a comment for the Great Zubino – holla atcha boy.

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