NCAA Tournament Prognostication

No one has mentioned this yet, but in a cruel twist of fate, Michigan could be headed for the bozack of all showdowns with San Diego State and former Michigan head coach Steve Fisher. Currently first place in the Mountain West, the Aztecs should end up around a 10-seed. If Michigan wins on Saturday and their first round game in the BTT, we are probably looking at the 7 spot.

We know the NCAA is trying to keep teams in their geographic regions, but if they are already seeded 7 and 10, the committee would be crazy to pass on that.

It would definitely be a no-win situation for Michigan. If Fisher loses, he talks about how he got run out of Ann Arbor and is just glad to make it in the tournament. And if Fisher wins, he gets the last cock smack.

"I'm such a son-of-a-bitch..."

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